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Template:Transmission types. Hub gears or internal-gear hubs are a type of gear system used on bicycles. Hub gears are used mostly on utility bikes and various types of small wheeled bicycle, such as folding bikes. Hub gears work by internal planetary or epicyclic gearing , which means that the outer case of the hub gear unit which is attached to the spokes is made to turn at a different speed relative to the rear wheel’s sprocket depending on which gear is selected. In the United States and United Kingdom , hub gears are less common than derailleur gears which are the dominant gear system on most modern bicycles in these countries. In most of continental Europe, however, hub gear systems are more popular. Unlike derailleur gears, where the gears and mechanism are exposed to the elements, hub gears and lubricants are sealed within the hub of the bicycle’s rear wheel. Gears are changed by a cable which is tightened or loosened by a lever or twist grip on the handlebars. Prior to using epicyclic gears in hubs of bicycles they were used on various locations of tricycles, there are a number of patents dating from the early s.

The first 110 years….

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Design. Sturmey-Archer’s hub shells were mostly designed simple and cylindric At a later date several cylindric hub, eg. the models or the duomatic were.

In stock now a whole range of Sturmey Archer hubs and hub spares. And even a 12 Volt 11w Compact Fluorescent. The Sturmey Archer FX hub was made in only, so nowadays its a rare hub. Cyclo Benelux Mark 7 changer dating from. Here are photographs of the Raleigh Sports English 3speed Bicycle. Raleigh Sports English 3speed Bicycle. Add new page which means that the outer case of the hub gear having obtained the rights to both the ReillyArcher and Sturmey 3.

Includes mounting hardware brake cable with housing and adjusting barrel. The frame serial number dates to , and the Sturmey Archer hub shows a date, so I have concluded that this is a model. Sturmey archer hub dating; Universal monster movie series was on the tamla motown label and its dead link to week of date by using the industry. Best Answer: Sturmey Acher hubs have a date code stamped on them. Do you see a date code stamped on the rear Sturmey Archer.

A large tray of assorted and useful Sturmey Archer hubs and spares, a good assortment.

Determining the Age of a Raleigh

Don’t be afraid to adjust your old Sturmey Archer three speed hub. It is a simple job that involves not much more than tightening or loosening the tiny ‘indicator’ chain that goes into the axle. Note that this page primarily applies to the ‘classic’ AW hub that was made from the s to the s. This hub has a neutral positon between high and second gears.

The instructions on this page also apply to other olde Sturmey Archer hubs that employ a similar shifting mechanism, such as the TCW and SC3 coaster hubs, the FW four speed and the twin cable five speeds on the drive side.

Re Sturmey Archer date marks: since production resumed in ~ in Taiwan, I have not seen the ‘old’ style of hub marking used. The latest.

Sturmey-Archer is a manufacturing company originally from Nottingham , England. It primarily produces bicycle hub gears , brakes and a great many other sundry bicycle components, most prominently during their heyday as a subsidiary of the Raleigh Bicycle Company. In the past, it also manufactured motorcycle hubs, gearboxes and engines. All Sturmey-Archer gear hubs use epicyclic planetary geartrains of varying complexity.

The AW is the simplest, using one set of planetary gears with four planets. The AM uses three compound planets with differently sized cogs machined from a common shaft to engage the gear ring and sun gear separately, while the close-ratio three-speeds, and hubs with four or more speeds, use multiple planetary geartrains. Depending on the specific hub these may be in series with each other, or with one or the other set being selectable at any given time by locking a particular sun gear to the axle.

In , the K hub was introduced as an updated and improved version of the X, later FX hub following the introduction of fine axle threading – it is the Model X which was manufactured under license by BSA as their 3 speed hub until Most notable was the 6-prong ramped sliding clutch which was mounted between springs, this gave the advantage of lateral movement being possible without shifter movement and allowed gears to be pre-selected while pedalling, the ratio would change when pedal force was relaxed, freeing the mechanism to slide into the new gear and under spring pressure.

The ramped clutch dogs and sprung mount also permitted the K hub to be without a neutral position between the ‘Normal’ direct drive gear, and the ‘High’ overdrive gear, both the SW and AW until the mid s have this neutral position. The gear ring dogs would ratchet around the clutch using the ramps and springs if the hub was trying to engage Normal and High gear at the same time, though allowing this to happen through slow shifting can cause excessive clutch wear and render the hub inoperable.

In Low gear, this isn’t a problem as the low gear pawls can be overrun by a higher gear, while Normal and High gears use the same pawls, requiring an alternative solution.

Glorious olds advertisements for Sturmey-Archer bicycle gear hubs

It is tempting to assign other undated hubs to the second world war, but we would sometimes be mistaken. Some of the undated A series and F series hubs that I have seen are clearly from the period. As a guide:. Why hub are undated remains a mystery. Find out more. Okay, thanks.

T his is a fantastic Sturmey Archer quadrant 3-speed gear change. Probably dating from the ‘s, in very good condition as you can see in the photos. It comes.

Discussion boards hosted by Cycling UK. Quick links. Usually stamped on the hubshell. The latest date I have seen so marked has been early which is when SA shut the plant in Nottingham. The exact style of marking on steel hubshells varied over the years but say ” means march and the style of marking was fairly consistent from the mid ’80s until Much older hubs had no ‘-‘ and the markings were different in other ways too.

In the Taiwan-made hubs there is a different date code type which is an ink-jetted four-digit code.

Dating bikes with a Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub

The smaller front chainset keeps the drivetrain further inside the folded package. No modification of the frame is needed. I can fit the 8-speed to an existing Brompton for you, or I can send you a kit.

I recently picked up an old CCM Imperial 3-speed women’s bike. When I first looked for a serial number, I couldn’t find one. A piece of advice.

Custom Search. Sturmey archer hub dating. Russische frau kennenlernen in deutschland. Technical information about Sturmey – Archer internal-gear hubs. The Sturmey – Archer AW 3-speed hub , by far the most popular one, was durable and, Balvenie 25 yo single barrel. Dating near minden la. The first years…. The rich history of Sturmey – Archer began in Nottingham England in with the invention of the world’s first 3-speed internal gear hub for Dating a person with obsessive compulsive personality disorder.


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, The first Sturmey-Archer hub is produced · Cycle Engineers Institute extract of reading by Henry Sturmey. , The first catalogue. , Type X 3-speed.

Instructions for a wide range of Sturmey-Archer hubs from to The files are in Adobe Acrobat format, making them zoomable and easily printable. Content last added 21 June In the beginning 3-speed. K series S-A hubs. Type KB

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